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Eddie Sanches with his Tundra Tailwheel


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Why Tundra Tailwheels?


The Tundra Tailwheel is designed to enhance ground handling and prevent over-steering during landings. It operates as a full castering system, lacking traditional steering components like rudder linkage. Instead, it trails the aircraft. The internal adjustable tensioning system eliminates shimmy. With no breakout force needed for turning, the aircraft maneuvers smoothly and is easily controllable. Steering during taxiing and landing is achieved through individual brake inputs, while takeoff only requires rudder input for directional control.

The Tundra Lockable variant includes a manual locking mechanism for straight ground tracking during takeoff and landing. Locking is optional; and can be controlled from the cockpit. 


Finest Materials

CNC cut out of 6061 T6 billet aluminum


The 8” Tundra Lite lockable tailwheel weighs in at 5 lbs. 14 oz.

Locking option 

You can replace the lockable mechanism with a sealing plug.


The Tundra Lite and the Tundra Lite Lockable tailwheels can greatly reduce over steer.

Versatile Functionality

Lock and unlock the tailwheel from the cockpit.

Proven Quality

Endorsed by the world's leading STOL pilots, including Steve Henry, through extensive testing and proven performance.

Tundra Tailwheels

Tundra Tailwheels in the wild


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Tundra Tailwheels Logo

Call or Text for more information


Feel free to call or text us with any questions, and we can provide guidance on the most suitable tailwheel for your airplane.

Josh Richling- 760-900-5467‬

Steve Henry- 208-880-7887 

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